三三築大 半九十公設 ──魯冰花映星辰 四季紅歌日月
33 Mega – The Lupin Pavilion -Dancing with Lupin on the Mirror Pool
The Lupin Pavilion is located in Aspire Park in Longtan, Taoyuan. It’s located next to the head of the Xiaoli River, where the environment is fittingly described by the renowned Wei-Chin poet Tao Yuan-Ming's portrayal of The Peach Blossom Spring: "At the end of the forest was where the creek originated from a mountain. There was a small opening at the mountain seemingly with light emanating from within". With luxuriant forests, singing birds, and chirping insects, the idyllic city in the sky is built atop the most beautiful Lupin Plateau.
In the post-pandemic era, social distancing has become a relevant subject in architecture and interior design. The luxury residential estate of The Lupin Pavilion faces the mountain valley to enjoy the exclusive greenery for all eternity, where the occupants may leisurely appreciate sunrise and sunset in the company of stars and the moon. Just around the corner is the Aspire Park featuring 3.3 hectares of lawn and egrets gliding through the air with their wings spread. Take a stroll in the forest to soak up the sunlight and gaze into the tranquil tea garden in the distance; this is where you can breathe freely and embrace Mother Nature.
Dancing with Lupin on the Mirror Pool
The generous natural and cultural resources of Longtan have given birth to the iconic figure of Taiwanese literature, Chung Chao-Cheng and the father of Taiwanese folksong, Teng Yu-Hsien. The motif of Lupin, the Song of Four Seasons' melody, and the birthplace of Longtan – the Longtan Lake – are sources of inspiration for The Lupin Pavilion's design.
The Lupin Pavilion is inspired by the mother of flowers nourishing the tea farms in Taiwan's Hakka villages. POSAMO’s chief designer Wang Sheng-Cheng has adopted a bird's eye view perspective in recreating the splendor of flowers in full bloom at the pavilion. The infinity pool resembles the Longtan Lake reflecting the sky and clouds above, showcasing the beauty of time. The glass jewelry box-like elevator rises out of the mirror pool, while the melodious music of The Song of Four Seasons remix reverberates through the air as if the occupants and guests are dancing with lupins and relaxing in the company of the azure sky and verdant valley.
The Lupin Pavilion features low-density development, and with a site area of 4,172m2, 50 households share 7 smart touchless elevators. The designer has implemented a breakpoint design to maintain social distancing, where occupants can operate the elevator using voice commands or hand gestures, allowing individual households to use the elevator independently and minimize the chance of coming into contact with other occupants.
三三築大「半九十」享有低密度開發,基地4,172平方公尺,50戶主人擁7 座智能免觸控電梯,王勝正設計師將人與人的接觸進行斷點設計,能以聲音、手勢驅動電梯,提供單戶獨立上下,減少接觸機會。
The Lupin Pavilion is a new type of “nn” AI smart residence designed with pandemic prevention in mind. Surrounded by natural ecology and exuberating with cultural aesthetics, the project has garnered accolades at the Berlin Design Awards and Paris Design Awards!
Friendly Environment Inspired by the Land

The red brick kilns and acacia trees symbolize the heyday of brick-making in Taiwan’s plateau region. Such imagery has inspired the architectural facade, landscaping, and public facilities of The Lupin Pavilion. The designer has drawn inspiration from the land to perpetuate nature's beauty, utilizing recyclable, eco-friendly construction materials to materialize the vision of environmental friendliness and symbiosis with nature.
Opening the lobby doors to The Lupin Pavilion, guests will be greeted by acacia trees native to the region and are not suited for transplantation. They transform into the reception desk, with their roots supporting the tabletop and bearing the memories of the mountain and the forest. Beyond the table are undulating mountains portrayed by the designer in the form of an oil painting that is inspired by the poetic ambiance of "The Three-peak Mount now seen in half beyond the azure sky, and the Twin Stream goes two directions to have the Egret Isle divided", symbolizing the provenance of 33 Mega.

The fireplace integrated into the red travertine wall incorporates the tale of the brick kiln into the plateau architecture. The skeletonized motif of lupins on the ceiling is illuminated by light, turning it into a kaleidoscope reflecting and creating a peaceful dream-like ambiance.
Turning towards the banquet hall from the lobby, the sliding dividers are a versatile feature, keeping the banquet hall open and connected to the lobby on weekdays as a cafe; when there is a party or banquet, the sliding dividers are used to create an exclusive space. Guests can access the hall via the French windows by the courtyard without disturbing other occupants. The Lupin Pavilion's space is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of uses while maintaining a cohesive connection between people. It values community interactions yet considers personal space by having separate entrances.  
Take a stroll to the Sunken facing the valley, where guests can relish in the luxuriant forest landscape with the gentle breeze caressing their faces to enjoy a leisurely reading time. In the spring, the lupins blossom under the starry sky, allowing guests to savor a drink with Mother Nature atop the plateau and appreciate the natural serenity. Host a picnic party in the company of the valley with your friends and family to enjoy a fantastic time complemented by great food and picturesque views throughout the four seasons!
The Lupin Pavilion “nn” AI smart residence designed with pandemic prevention in mind has garnered accolades at the Melbourne Design Awards and Berlin Design Awards and Paris Design Awards. For more design concept-related information, please refer to
The Lupin Pavilion won A Design Award
The Lupin Pavilion won Melbourne Design Award
The Lupin Pavilion won Berlin Design Award
The Lupin Pavilion won Paris Design Award

The Lupin Pavilion won Outstanding Property Award London
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