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靜謐水公園 • 優雅層柵迎晨曦
The tranquil water park greets the morning sunshine in an elegant way.
Located in Tamsui, the “JaySanLyn water park” villas are surrounded by green trees and grass. The sunshine gently passes through the leaves and dances on the broad road laid with flagstones. It is the simple and quiet atmosphere that fascinates people around here. The designer advocates returning to purity and creates a simple natural environment. Use a leisure way to manage the villas as managing a top resort hotel and create a pleasant home.
座落於淡水區的「甲山林水公園」別墅,環視四周景觀,大樹、植批盡是盎然綠意,陽光輕輕穿過枝葉灑落於寬闊的石板路上,氛圍樸實清靜,實在迷人。 POSAMO 十邑設計主張回歸純粹,以簡約自然的空間語法呼應環境,以減壓放鬆的休閒風格,經營頂級度假飯店氛圍,打造舒心怡人的家。
The lobby and restaurant are seamlessly connected; they share the best natural lighting and landscape. The line of sight is unimpeded and with marquisette curtain, residents still can keep privacy. The coherent space makes the fresh air flow freely throughout residents’ home; therefore, although staying at home, people still can feel as relaxed as being outside. The crystal grey marble floor looks more elegant and graceful with the sparkle of daylight; also, with wood furniture in the neutral color, it creates a simple and characteristic space.
The hand-woven short wool rug is elastic and of uniform length. Standing on it, people can feel their feet coated by the soft wool. The couch’s bottom is piled up by two layers of beige linen cushions; beside the couch, there is a soft leather single chair. They are in the corner and adjacent to the glass window, so people can sit or lie on them and enjoy the beautiful scenes outside the window. Three rectangular chandeliers illuminate the dining area and make the atmosphere full of humanistic flavor. The designing concept of dining table and chairs is to return to the most fundamental attitude of life, simple and plain. People can have a unique comfortable feeling when they take a rest here.
There is one master bedroom on each floor, and the whole room is arranged in a symmetrical manner. This design gives people a feeling of calmness. A row of wooden grille windows temporarily isolate the room from outside scenery, and only the sunlight and wind are allowed to flow into the room. With the sunlight shining through the grille windows, it makes the room bright and transparent.When the large grille windows are greatly opened, residents can see the beautiful scenery at first glance, but later they will be attracted by the private swimming pool at once and immersed in the charming reflection on the mirror-like water surface.
There is “ambiguous aesthetics” hiding in the design of wooden grille door. This design makes the building contain both permeability and privacy. The porous design creates a sense of lightness; it also creates a simple and natural atmosphere. With Japanese design and simple leisure style, it builds a beauty of modern Zen style.
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Date   / January 21,2016 日期 / 2016-01-21


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