POSAMO十邑設計 戲空間 • 雙橡園 F1
Twin Star

Twin Oaks

Old oaks have unique leaves, charming appearance, tall trunks and coiled branches. As the silhouette of foliag...

POSAMO • 雙橡園V1
News Conference

  Activity Sharing   POSAMO portfolio sharing press conference. ...


The Oak Tree Seeds Sailing to the Universe

According to the legend in the remote country of TWIN, everything grows in pairs. Here, oak trees grow in ever...


時空流轉 國王的家 - 上篇
Transcending Time and Space – The King’s Palace –Part 1

  In embracing diverse arts and culture, POSAMO has combined classic complexity with con...


時空流轉 國王的家 - 下篇
Transcending Time and Space – The King’s Palace –Part 2

  POSAMO has designed the classic space through the symmetry technique. POSAMO十邑設...

The butterflies

  Artistic Creation The descriptions of butterfly in Shang-Yin Li’s poem make readers full of imagination. T...

白派建築 大白當代藝術館
White Architecture – Da Bai Museum of Contemporary Art

In the Taichung’s Museum of Arts District, a white, geometric-shaped building evokes images of R...


美國房地產大亨兼暢銷書作家富蘭克・麥克金尼,斥資打造奢華「水花Acqua Liana」,是美國第一幢綠色環保大廈,從尊重環境與自然和諧共存出發,設計更符合自然與人性的節能減碳設計,也為建築價值增添風華…more   ...