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甲山林 水立方公設
Browsing the Movement and Perusing the Poetry of Water
With the breeze swaying softly and the water flowing swiftly, the image of a rushing stream prolongs from the wall to the ceiling, passing though the winding aerating roots of the Mangrove forest and the intertidal of the Tamsui River. Feel the breathing of local Fiddler Crabs that forms scenery of estuary ecology. 
翻閱水的流動 細讀水的詩篇
Standing on a ladder, the artist carefully hammers the details of the bronze ceiling with a raised head. The bronze ceiling is the first view when encountering The Crystal Palace of Jay San Lyn, with water flowing along the angled corner and dripping down, coagulating into glittering clear ice crystal patterns on the ground. With the sun gradually setting, the dusk lingers in the surrounding space, transforming into two paintings: “Sunset Mountain” and “Sunset Water”, preserving the beauty of the sunset for those who are returning home late at night. Six children playing musical instruments are lined on one side as a welcoming gesture, while pairs of horses with blank eyes on the shore represent the persistence and belief of the aristocrat Don Quixote, with eyes filled with the yearning for freedom. 
A luxury Italian travel case welcomes the owner home. Lift the head and notice the string of glamorous golden water drops, merging or separating according to the ridgeline of Guan-yin Mountain outside the window, combining nature with city life, echoing the beauty of natural scenery from within.  The luxurious Italian off-white L-shaped sofa is as soft as a cloud. Matched with the round stone table shaped by water, the outdoor scenery is cleverly brought into the interior. Climb onto the brown chair shaped as a saddle and enjoy the beauty of nature whilst imagining a horse riding session.
一只義大利精品行李箱接待回家的主人;抬頭一看,一串光彩奪目的金色水珠,隨著窗外觀音山的稜線或聚或離,將大自然及都市生活結合,由內而外地呼應遼闊的自然美景。米白色 L 型的義大利精品沙發,柔軟如雲,搭配河水琢磨的圓形石桌,巧妙地將戶外景緻帶入室內,坐上馬鞍形狀的棕色單椅,如岸邊騎馬,愜意地欣賞大自然的風光明媚。
Take a turn and at the end of the corridor is a reading room. Residents can choose to sit upright while reading and writing on the long table, or sit and read causally on the sofa with warm flames nearby. The wall decoration above the fireplace is inspired by eastern origami and signals the intimate relationship between art and the environment. The end-view of the café space is a wall with a design of Northern Song folding fan which displays patterns that look like a group of elegant and soft fan dance performers, expressing the casualness and carefree atmosphere of the space. 
A pool with glittering reflections on the mirror-like surface displays the changing clouds in the sky, extending the outside environment indoors, taking advantage of borrowed scenery to create a vast momentum of quiet misty waters. The over-flow and borderless design combines indoor and outdoor space, blurring boundaries and expanding the vision. The vast scenery of the Tamsui River is continued with the image of water, creating a serene atmosphere. 
波光粼粼的鏡面池,映射出空中變化的雲,將環境延伸入空間中,POSAMO 十邑設計利用借景創造出靜水煙波浩瀚般地氣勢。Over-flow的設計,由室內穿越無框玻璃結合戶外空間,模糊邊界,視覺無限延伸。透過水的意象,延續淡水河寬闊視野景色,創造空間中靜謐的氛圍。
Ride a boat, enjoy some tea, absorb the scenery, and immerse yourself in discussions about poetry. Standing in this mid-air cabin, viewers are presented with the image of the Tamsui River and Guan-yin Mountain from a high viewpoint. The tilted glass broadens the vision while the Kang (a heatable brick bed) created through flowing motion and the design of the lowered sofa area   urges visitors to stay and rest. The vision is unrestricted and stretches to the river outside the window. The flicking fireplace is like the light of the fisherman’s boat, creating a cozy atmosphere with warm orange flames. Take a boat ride with the wind brushing the river, while the wall 
and ceiling displays the imagery of water flowing forward. Warm toned lighting bands provide indirect illumination, enabling the experience of the swaying and flowing water. 
My heart is beating to the rhythm of returning home between spring and winter…
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Date  /July 20, 2015 日期/2015-07-20

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